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Set the perfect tone and build the right energy at your event by playing the music you love, expertly mixed by a professional.

Get the Party Bumping in Colorado

Hosting an event is about more than inviting guests and having some snacks—you want to create an environment where the music is blasting and people are dancing. JWoo provides entertainment that ensures guests have a good time while playing songs that everyone can sing along to.

Jerry brings the talent and experience you need to create a truly memorable event across Colorado. With thorough prep and our team’s ability to expertly read the room, we create seamless, exciting experiences. From beaches to botanical gardens, we can come equipped with our own power-generating systems so you don’t have to worry about electrical power sources while you party.

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Professional Hosting Services & More

Hiring a DJ for an event should be a fun and simple process that ensures your guests have a blast! At JWoo we pride ourselves on our customer care and transparency so that our clients feel peace of mind knowing their event will run as smoothly as possible. Our DJ do extensive planning before your big day, and perform multiple sound checks before the event starts to make sure things go off without a hitch!

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Hit the right tone with music and customized setlists tailored for your event.


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Things to Know

How do I find the right DJ for my event?

At JWoo, Jerry has over a decade of event experience, which helps our clients create an event suited to their unique needs. When you book our services, we’ll consider many factors, including availability and specialty, to pair you with a DJ who can play the music you're looking for and deliver just the right vibe. 

For example, a classy retirement party soundtrack will differ significantly from the playlist at a Bar mitzvah. Consequently, a corporate events DJ will employ different strategies than a wedding and event DJ might. 

Contact us today to book your consultation and learn more.

What songs will you play at my event?

We will play music from all genres to suit your party theme and we’re happy to play songs at your request! For maximum enjoyment, we typically try to play the music that’s most widely known, such as songs from Billboard’s Top 100. Contact us today to learn more.
Can guests request songs? 

Not every DJ in Denver likes to factor song requests into their playlist. If you feel strongly about requests, ask JWoo to build them into the experience.

At JWoo we’re here to cater to your tastes, so please let us know if requests are important to you. It’s also a good idea to create a list of songs that must be played—or a list of songs you never want to hear at your event! Clear communication can help you manage expectations and get on the same page as the vendor.

Let’s Get This Party Started

JWoo Entertainment turns any gathering into an event to remember. From weddings to corporate gatherings, we’re excited to provide services that deliver a WOW factor and create the perfect environment for your celebration. Contact us today to get the party started.