Keep your guests fully entertained with the most trusted Party DJ services.


With our top-of-the-line sound & lighting, we'll keep your party going and help throw the event of a lifetime.  We make our packages straight to the point and seamless so you can simply reserve your date and enjoy the entertainment experience that JWoo Entertainment has to offer.​ Our service pricing starts at $350 and if your event is within 50 Miles from Birmingham, AL you will not have a travel charge. 


Birthday parties, weddings, school functions, church functions, festivals, clubs you name it! Our DJs have a numerous amount of experience from over the years serving thousands of people. Our fleet are full time travel DJs with their weeks filled with action pack surprises for each Gig! We love the panning process of gigs, we are sure to surprise you with the simple booking process. And just in case you are wanting to have your event on the beach, or anywhere where there is not power, we provide our own power generating system so you wouldn't have to worry about not having sound!

Up lighting

Up lighting seriously adds the owes & ahh to your guest first entrance into the venue. We offer many color options. We can up light the walls, tables. dance floors any where that you would like to pop out with a dab of lighting color. Call or email us today about our up lighting options!


Now to be completely honest with you, this is literary the cutest thing! This will definitely earn some wow points! Our wedding sparkers last for a total of 4 Minutes , now our sparklers are not like the traditionally Firework sparklers that last 45 seconds, Noo Way! These sparklers are truly designed to be long lasting just for special occasion use! Our sparklers are 36inch long and we can provide as many sparklers that you'll need, for sparkler booking please give us a Call or Email us today for more information and pricing about our Wedding Sparklers!